Heritage Farm is the place to be for summer camps

Jun 02, 2017

Get to know some animals, learn a little history and become an Iron Chef 1880s style during summer camps at Schaumburg Park District’s Volkening Heritage Farm.

From caring for livestock and cooking on a wood burning stove to making crafts and playing games, a 19th century adventure awaits children of all ages this summer. Most camps are one week long.

“If you have any interest in history or animals, you really get a chance to be creative and get some hands-on experience at our camps,” said Patricia Kennedy, farm program coordinator. “We won’t be indoors watching movies—we’ll be outside enjoying the farm and having a lot of fun.”

Upcoming camps include:

Wee Sprouts (new sessions begin June 19, July 10 and July 24)

Open to children ages 5 to 6, the camp introduces youngsters to farm animals and includes activities such as craft making and story time.

“It’s so cute when the little ones come to the farm,” Kennedy said. “They get to go and visit with the chickens and see eggs being laid and just interact with farm life. We’ll also get to make ice cream.”

Chores and Chortles (new session begins Aug. 7)*

Grab a pitchfork and your sense of humor. Although 1880s life included daily chores, people also liked to have fun and tell a good “chortle”—the 19th century word for joke. Children ages 10 to 12 will help out on the farm, work with the animals, play games, make crafts and meet new friends. *A Chores and Chortles-Mini camp also is available starting July 10 for ages 7 to 9.

Farmer’s Kitchen (new sessions begin June 26)

Who’s the top chef of the 1880s? Create savory and sweet dishes while experimenting with historical ingredients. The fun also includes cooking challenges using a wood-burning stove. Open to teens 13-15.

Historian’s Apprentice (new sessions begin July 10 and Aug. 7)

Experience what teen life was like more than 130 years ago. Campers ages 13 to 15 will dress in historic clothing cook on a wood burning stove, learn animal care and show off life skills to the public.

Farmer Boot Camps (new sessions begin June 19, July 24 and Aug. 7)

Children ages 8 to 12 are invited to help feed and care for farm animals by slopping the hogs, gathering the chickens and feeding the horses and cows. Youngsters also will get dirty learning what it takes to be a real farmer.

Victorian Finishing School (new session begins July 5)

During this three-day camp, girls ages 8 to 10 are invited to enjoy 19-th century tea parties, discover 1880s fashions and make lovely crafts.

“Kids love the chance to work on a farm and help with the animals,” Kennedy said. “They don’t get to do these types of things at home so it offers a whole new experience.”

For more information, call (847) 985-2102 or visit parkfun.com.

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