Five tips for keeping New Year's fitness resolutions

Dec 28, 2017

  • Set realistic goals. Smaller, specific goals are easier to stick to and pave the way for success.
  • Create an action plan. Make 2018 the year you register for a 5K or fitness challenge. The extra accountability needed to prepare for races and events can make you more likely to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Find something you love. If walking on a treadmill isn’t your speed, find a fun group fitness class you enjoy that will keep you coming back. From indoor cycling to boot camps and TRX, there’s a workout for every fitness taste.
  • Reward yourself for accomplishments. Track your progress with a Fitbit or fitness journal and treat yourself for each triumph (no matter how small or big). 
  • Keep a positive attitude. Avoid dwelling on setbacks and instead on achievements during your fitness journey. Research has shown a connection between a positive mental attitude and improved physical health.

Source: Charissa Tischhauser, Schaumburg Park District fitness supervisor 

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