Club 55 fitness

Club 55

Club 55 exercises are designed for active participants ages 55 and older. Group fitness classes include cardio, toning, stretching and relaxation.

For more information, see the Fitness Unlimited section or call 847/490-7015.

Land Class Offerings

  • Cardio Conditioning - Burn calories and increase energy with low impact cardio exercises.
  • Senior Yoga - Gentle stretching and yoga positions to increase flexability.
  • Strong Heart and Body - This class will strengthen the entire body including the heart using bands, balls, cardio moves, stretching and strengthening.
  • Tai Chi - This class originated in China as a martial art and requires you to move your body slowly, gently and with awareness while breathing deeply. Improve posture and balance and gain more control over your body and ability to perform everyday activities.

2016 Schedule & Rates

Schedule: Class schedule is available here (PDF).

Club 55 exercises are designed for active participants age 55 and older. Classes include cardio, toning, stretching and relaxation. Participants can purchase punch cards that allow access to a variety of aquatic and group fitness classes. Participants purchasing their punch cards Feb. 22 - March 27 will receive the early bird discounted price. Punch cards may be purchased at the regular price beginning March 28. A 50% discount will be offered to participants on additional punches if they originally purchased the 36 punch card (limited onetime discount per session). This discount is only offered if the participant purchases extra punches within the same session that they purchased the 36 punch card. Participants wishing to attend back-to-back classes can utilize the 2-for-1 option where only one punch is required for two classes back-to-back on the schedule. No refunds will be given for unused punches.

Please note: In order to participate and use equipment in aqua fitness classes, all participants must pay and wear a wristband. A pool pass does not include free aqua fitness classes. Participants that have an Schaumburg Park District membership photo ID card can have their punches added to their card. New participants will need to have their photo taken prior to the start of classes. Unused punches CAN be carried forward into the following sessions. The replacement cost for a lost ID card is $10. Club 55 classes may be cancelled due to low attendance.

Early Bird


Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident
12 Punches
24 Punches
36 Punches
Note: Club 55 classes may be cancelled due to low attendance.

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