Sustainable Living Sale Items

Spring Valley is here to help you reduce your environmental footprint by offering for sale items that conserve resources or help you to transform your home landscape into a green oasis for local butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. The following items are available for purchase at the Vera Meineke Nature Center any time of year. Other items, such as composted manure and bird-friendly native shrubs are seasonal items. 

For more information, call 847/985-2100.

Home Composters

These large composters are made from sturdy and durable, yet lightweight black plastic. Bins consist of two interlocking pieces which come apart for storage or when removing finished compost. Equipped with a top lid and doors on two sides for easy access. Capacity is 17 cu. ft. or 125 gallons. Cost: $80

Rain Barrels

These are 50 gallon rain barrels made from blue reconditioned plastic food barrels. All rain barrels come equipped with a secure-fitting lid, brass spigot, overflow drain, and screened opening on top to accept rainwater from a downspout. Overflow is also screened to prevent access by mosquitoes. Includes instructions on painting so you can customize the look. Cost: $60

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