BCUZ TV Schaumburg Park District

April 1, 2019

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We begin BCUZ 143 at MRC, at their Spring Break Camp. Sophie Ali tries to keep up with the counselors and kids! Then we revisit SPD Pools with Justin Sienkiewicz and Heather Simross, as passes go on sale and we gear up for the season's opening. Then we join Sophie, Derek Gronlund and Amanda Anderson at Spring Valley, for their Spring Break Camp.

BCUZ 143 - MRC So Cool Spring Break Camp

Join Sophie Ali at MRC, as she  tries to keep up with the counselors and kids!

BCUZ 143 - SPD Outdoor Pools

Justin and Heather discuss the SPD Pools.

BCUZ 143 - Spring Valley Spring Break Camp

Sophie Ali, Derek Gronlund and Amanda Anderson gather at Spring Valley, for their 
Spring Break Camp.

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