Schaumburg Park District Go! Show

February 28, 2012

Expressions Dance Company

Marc Jolley interviews the award-winning Expressions Dance Company about their recent wins in the 2012 Move Regional Dance Competition. Jolley talks with the dancers and Dance Coordinator Ashley Molitor. The interview also features the Company's three stunning performances!

Enchanted Sleeping Beauty

Cultural Arts Supervisor Beth Waller stops by the performances of Enchanted Sleeping Beauty at the Community Recreation Center. Waller chats with actors and watches a few scenes featuring Briar Rose, Prince Alexander and Evilina.

Early Childhood Family Fun Night

Early Childhood Supervisor Kathy Moulds reports from the free Early Childhood Family Fun Night at Meineke Recreation Center. Moulds talks with children and parents enjoying the event that featured activity stations, games, a snowball room and preschool fitness equipment.

Tribute Park at Volkening Lake

Executive Director Jean Schlinkmann talks in the Go! Show studio with Schaumburg Park District Commissioner and Schaumburg Park Foundation Board member Bob Schmidt about the Tribute Park at Volkening Lake brick program. Tribute Park at Volkening Lake commemorates and honors the memories, special events and achievements of Schaumburg residents and others who make a positive impact on the community.

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