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2014 Schaumburg Heartbeat Episodes

Below is a list of Schaumburg Heartbeat shows from 2014.

November 2014 - In this episode Burke MacDonald takes us around the Silver Games. We'll see competitions including fishing, pickleball, free throw contest, badminton and more! Then Toni Higgins-Thrash learns about the Veterans Serving Veterans program that partners veterans with puppy recruits.

October 2014 - Burke MacDonald chats with Jan Brown, chief flight attendant on United Airlines flight 232, about a memorial in Schaumburg for fellow flight attendant Rene LeBeau. Burke then stops by Alexian Brothers Medical Center to visit with heat procedure patients and families.

July 2014 - Connie Arkus speaks with visitors at the Solstice Hop and Vine Fest. Then, Dan McNulty discusses living with animals inside and outside of our homes with animal control officer Deborah Diamond. We conclude the episode with Burke MacDonald as he speaks to Mark Anderson, cartoonist.

June 2014 - Burke meets with Veteran George Palicki to discuss his time in the military. Next, Toni chats with Stuart Grannen, owner of Architectural Artifacts about his shop and how he got interested in collecting.

May 2014 - Burke speaks with Schaumburg Youth Orchestra Director Joseph Malmquist and one of Malmquists previous students Mark Hamada. Then Toni speaks with Prairie Center Production Supervisor Rob Pileckis about the 2nd Annual Senior Follies. We also take a few minutes to meet the performers of Senior Follies.

March 2014 - Dan McNulty discusses the S&H Senior Golf League with Ed Kelby, Chairman, S&H Senior Golf League.  Burke visits with Len Anzelde about the Schaumburg Area Photography Society.

February 2014 - Field Reporter Tony Higgins-Thrash enrolls in the Lutheran Early Response Team class at St. Peter's Lutheran Church to learn how it helps communities in disaster. She meets with LCC President Tim Hetzner to gain more in-depth information on L.E.R.T. training.

January 2014 - Burke visits with Nancy Freske, Director of Senior and Community Resourse Center, Mark Gordon, MD, Becky Barron, E.R. Clinical Educator, and Brandon Estes, Senior Concierge Emergency Department at Alexian Brothers Medical Center.

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