safety park parties

Pat Shephard Center & Safety Park Parties

There is something for everyone at Ken Alley Safety Park and Pat Shephard Center! Choose from the seven unique-themed party packages. Party packages include a host, games, food, drinks, cake, invitations and paper products. *Except Fruits & Veggies Party. 

A two-hour party package for 10 children is $170. Additional children are $10 each.

Safety Park Parties are available mid-April through mid-October. All other parties are available year-round. You also may choose to rent Safety Park and bring your own food and beverages.

Two week minimum notice required when booking a party.

Call 847/490-7036 to plan your party now!

LEGO Birthday Party at Pat Shephard Center

Fun and creative in one! Parties include time for guided building activities and free play. For ages 5 to 8 years old. Maximum of 15 children.

Train Party at Safety Park

Ride the Birthday Party Express. Play pin-the-steamstack-on-the-engine and ride through Safety Park on the trackless train. For ages 3 to 4 years old. Maximum of 18 children.

Big Wheel Party at Safety Park

Ride your bikes or Safety Park's big wheels and make your own driver's license. For ages 4 to 5 years old. Maximum of 20 children.

Jeep Party at Safety Park

Ride around Safety Park in electric jeeps and make your own driver's license. For ages 5 to 7 years old. Maximum of 15 children.

Princess/Knight in Training Party

Each child will learn how to be a princess or knight, like Sophia and Mike, through fun activities! Each child will receive a certificate of accomplishment. For ages 3 to 5 years old. Maximum of 20 children.

Sensational Science Party

Grab your lab coats and goggles. Will it fizzle? Will it pop? No explosions please! Children will conduct several experiments during this great science themed birthday party. For ages 5 to 8 years old. Maximum of 15 children.

Superhero Birthday - Fruits & Veggies to the Rescue!

Children will have a blast learning about superheroes, villains and the secret powers of healthy eating! The party includes an interactive superhero show with costumes, creative activity with fresh fruits and veggies for each child, sport-experiment and a superhero game. Each child will create a custom superhero mask and will receive Adventure Token to be redeemed for free items at participating stores. After 1.25 hours of Fruits & Veggies activities, you have use of the classroom to serve food. Pizza, cake, juice, invitations and paper products are not included. Pat Shepard Center is a nut-restricted environment. Maximum of 20 children. 

Stuff n Fluff

Uniquely yours! These stuff and fluff parties can be customized when you choose from one of the themed animals. Children will place a birthday wish, heart or star inside an animal for the chosen theme and will take home their newly stuffed friend and their birth certificate. Maximum of 15 children. 

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