Schaumburg Athletic Association (SAA) FAQ

What is the procedure for getting the baseball/softball fields playable after rain?
If the infields are wet, our staff will work on the fields early in the morning by removing water in the low spots and allowing the fields to dry naturally. In the afternoon, staff will spread Turface® to the infield and get as many fields playable as soon as possible. Some fields naturally dry more quickly than others.  It is important for the designated SAA liaison to have good communication with our staff in regard to schedules. If a field is not being used, the park staff can then concentrate on fields that are being used and not waste time working on unscheduled fields. Please see the links below for proper field maintenance.

When do the athletic field lights come on? How do they get turned on?
The field lights use a control system called Skylogix. We assigns light codes to specific SAA sports or teams as requested by SAA commissioners. The designated SAA person enters the light code to turn on the lights and then again to turn off the lights. At the end of the month, a report is generated and sent to SAA for payment. The lights may be turned on between 3-11 p.m. Most parks close at 11 p.m. Specific hours are available in the Parks Directory.  

When there is a problem on the field, who do I tell?

Each sport in SAA has a commissioner. Any general problems should be reported to the respective sport commissioner, and the commissioner should report it to the Superintendent of Parks. If there is an emergency, call 911 or the Park District at 847-985-2115. After hours or on weekends, call a park ranger or police, whichever is appropriate for the problem.  

How do I contact a Park Ranger?
Park rangers are on duty Monday through Friday 6 p.m.-1 a.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m.-1 a.m. They patrol all 100 parks and 11 facilities. To contact a park ranger, call the Community Recreation Center at 847-490-2505 and tell the staff what the problem is, where you are, and that you need a park ranger’s assistance.  

When is the water turned on in the concession stands and bathrooms? When is it turned off for the season?
Generally the water in the concession stands is turned on or off based on the weather. These buildings are not heated, and the fixtures are prone to freezing. We work with the commissioner for each sport and coordinate the water with the start and end of each season. The SAA locks on all bathrooms are changed when the water is turned off to ensure that no one inadvertently pours water down the sinks or toilets after the system has been drained for the season. When the water is turned back on, the locks are changed back and the building is opened for the season.  

How often are the baseball/softball fields dragged?
The fields are maintained on a daily basis when the season is in session. In the early part of the season (late March, early April), many times it is difficult to get equipment onto the fields due to the wet conditions. If conditions are good, fields are dragged by 3 p.m. each weekday.  

Why aren’t the fields “turned over” to start the season?
In the early part of the baseball season, the infield is left hard to maintain firmness and minimize rainouts. If the infield is tilled up or “turned over” early in the season, the dirt will hold water longer and cause more rainouts. A hard infield requires only a light drag to allow the water to drain off faster and dry more quickly. The fields are generally “turned over” in the fall when more intense maintenance is performed.  

When are the fields called playable/unplayable?
Our staff checks baseball/softball fields throughout the day and are called playable or unplayable at 3 p.m. At this time, the Weather Conditions Hotline (847-490-7870) are updated each day. If the field is called playable at 3 p.m. and it rains after 3 p.m, the playability of a field is determined by the game official; or if a game official is not present, the coaches. If the field is called unplayable at 3 p.m, it will not be changed to playable. On the weekends, the designated SAA person makes the call on field playability.  

Why do the baseball/softball fields in the parks sometimes look as if they have not been worked on?
Many of the baseball/softball fields are located by school sites. When school is in session, many of the fields are used during gym class; and the kids play on the fields after school. Prior to 5 p.m. on weekdays, the parks are open to the public and both children and adults may be using fields for recreational activities. In addition, later in the day, there may have been other games or practices on that same field by other SAA teams.  

Why do the fields look bad in the spring?
Many of the lighted fields are used for fall sports that run through the middle of November. They are also open to the public when not being used on a permit. The park staff work on the fields in November, but not much grass grows between November and the beginning of April. As the season goes on, the weather conditions improve and the quality of turf improves.  

If the field is called unplayable, can I still use the outfield?
If the infield is too wet for use, generally the outfield will also be too wet and unsafe. When the decision is made, it is not changed after the fact by our staff. If a team uses the field and a child is injured, the team or SAA then takes responsibility for the decision to play on an “unplayable” field.  

Who do I call if someone is on my field and they won’t leave?
If you are at Olympic Park, the field supervisor should be contacted at 847-875-0766. For any other field, call a park ranger. Permits are issued to all teams (SAA outdoor sports) that fill out a park usage application through the SAA commissioners. These are issued each season and should be kept with the coach at all times. If you have a permit, there should be no issue with who has the use of a field.  

How often is the grass on the fields cut?
All game and practice fields are cut once per week, depending on weather. Generally, all game fields for baseball, soccer and softball are cut closer to the weekends; however, due to weather this schedule can vary. If possible, a game field may be cut a second time in the same week if time and conditions allow.  

At Atcher Park who decides if the soccer fields are playable/unplayable?
If the weather is extremely wet and or cold, a Parks Department staff member will meet with an SAA commissioner and determine if the fields are playable the day of the event. This is to help keep the grass in playable condition throughout the season and for the safety of the players.  

How do I contact a supervisor at Olympic Park?
Olympic Park has supervisors that are on duty at the park during peak use times. The field supervisor on duty will have a phone with him. The number is 847-875-0766.  

If I have questions about a field, who do I contact?
Generally, all questions should go through each sport’s SAA commissioner. On the 2nd Thursday each month, representatives from SAA and the Park District meet to discuss upcoming events, schedules and issues. Usually, minor issues get taken care of quickly; however, if major fieldwork is involved that affects play, the issue may be addressed at the end of the season.  

How do I get a permit for my practices or games?
All permits for field usage should go through the SAA commissioner. If you want to play beyond the SAA season, it is considered an independent use. The Park District then requires a Certificate of Insurance and a usage fee for the permit.  

What are the park hours?
Our website has a detailed listing on the Parks Directory. There is a listing of park hours and maps for each park. Generally, the park hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m.; but some parks close at sunset.  

When is a soccer or football field called unusable?
Generally, these fields are not determined to be unplayable unless there is standing water or several days of rain. Our staff communicates with the commissioners of each sport when these conditions occur. Cancellations are made based on field conditions and anticipated weather forecasts. This is to ensure safe playing conditions and to help keep turf in good condition throughout the season.  

Where is my park/field located?
The Parks Directory provides maps and park addresses. Over the years, many parks and fields are called different names by coaches other than the ones listed on our website. (Some examples: Masino field is at Campanelli Park; Zocher Park is located at Keller School; Falk Park is located at Hale School.)  

Why doesn’t Olympic Park appear on Google Maps?
If you search 1839 New Schaumburg Road, MapQuest will recognize the address. Google maps will show the correct location and directions using the address of 1675 E. Old Schaumburg Road. Or, use the crossroads of Martingale and Schaumburg Road; and look for the field lights on the southwest corner.

For more information, visit Schaumburg Athletic Association.

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