Rental Information


Permits for park rentals will be issued after a park usage application has been filled out and submitted. Please see General Information and Procedures below. To check availability, contact the parks department at 847-985-2115 or email

General Information and Procedures

Reservations - Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are accepted in January for the current year only. Reservations may not be taken over the phone. Availability may be checked by calling 847-985-2115 or email No dates can be reserved until the park usage application has been submitted and approved by the Director of Parks. Sheltered pavilions include picnic tables at the site.

Alcohol and smoking are prohibited at all Schaumburg Park District parks.

Cost - Permit cost is $100 for residents; $150 for non-residents. Payment is due with application.

Approval - The approval process takes approximately one to two weeks after receipt of application with payment. Permit will be sent at that time.

Cancellations - Refunds will be given, if notified three working days before your reserved date.

Certificates of Insurance - Needed for tents, catering and any special equipment brought onto Park District property. This certificate of insurance must be for at least $1,000,000 coverage in commercial general liability insuring the Schaumburg Park District as additional insured and yourself.

Park/Field Rentals
- For more information, contact the Parks Department at 847-985-2115 or

Hours -  7 a.m.-11 p.m. unless posted otherwise. Some parks close at dusk. Park rental hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m. unless at a sunset closed park.

Picnic Shelters - Permits are issued for parks with picnic shelters. They are located in the parks at Belle, Bock, Brandenburg, Briar Pointe, Campanelli, Golf & Knollwood, Gray Farm, Linden, Meineke, Timbercrest, Russ Parker, Village in the Park, Spring Valley and Volkening Lake. For a full list of amenities and locations/directions, visit the Parks and Facilities Directory.

Restroom Facilities - Parks do not have restroom facilities. Volkening Lake has several portable toilets near the concession building during the summer season. Meineke and Bock parks have indoor restroom facilities in the adjacent recreation centers (when the buildings are open).

Grills - Grills may be brought into the parks, however, proper disposal of hot coals without harm to the grass and plant growth is a necessity. Gas grills are also allowed.

Inflatables - No inflatables (bouncy houses) are allowed in our parks.

Tents and Chairs
- We do not rent tents or chairs to the public.

Catering - A Certificate of Insurance is needed from the caterer, if caterer stays on-site.

Volleyball Nets - Volleyball nets are permitted with the exception of Spring Valley.

Electricity/Water - There is NO electricity or water in any of the Park District parks. Generators are not allowed.

Ballfields - Ballfields may be reserved, if available. Priority is given to Park District programs and Schaumburg Athletic Association (SAA) use. Generally, ballfields cannot be reserved until after July 31 for private rental; most SAA programs end at that time. Ballfields for organized groups are by permit only. Please call 847-985-2115 for availability.

Soccer Fields - The ONLY soccer fields available for rental are located at Olympic Park. Please call the Sport Center at 847-891-1266 for pricing and availability.

Fishing - All Park District ponds/lakes allow fishing with the exception of Spring Valley. Anyone over 16 years old requires an Illinois fishing license. Gray Farm, Volkening Lake and Campanelli are some of the larger ponds. Ponds are not stocked.

Tennis Courts (outdoor)
- There are several parks with tennis courts, some are lighted. These courts are not reserved. Tennis lessons take place at some courts during the summer season and have priority on courts. Nets go up approximately April 1.

Pickleball - There are pickleball lines painted on the tennis courts at Atcher, Belle, Briar Pointe, Golf & Knollwood, Hoover, Meineke, Roberts, Russ Parker, Sunset and Timbercrest Parks.

- Three sand volleyball courts exist: Russ Parker Park, Linden Park and Village in the Park. Doherty Park has a volleyball net in the grass. These areas are not reserved.

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