Schaumburg Park District Impact

As a state and national award winning parks and recreation agency, Schaumburg Park District is proud to serve our community by providing outstanding programs and events, quality facilities and beautiful parks and trails.

According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), a thriving parks and recreation system benefits the community in three major ways including economically; health and environmentally; and socially.

Economic Benefits 

  • Parks and open space increase property values. Studies show that the closer private property is to parks, the more its value increases. This increases property tax revenues and improves local economies.
  • Businesses often cite quality parks and recreation as a factor in choosing a location.
  • Athletic complexes and facilities that host large-scale athletic tournaments and events can generate millions of dollars in revenue for local businesses by drawing new visitors to the area.

Did you know? Schaumburg Park District maintains over 60 beautiful parks and open spaces throughout the community. Our parks are often cited as benefits in real estate advertisements.

Additionally, regional and national draws such as Olympic Park and The Sport Center attract millions of visitors to the area each year. A 2019 study showed that these visitors spend significant dollars at local hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and retail locations. 

Health and Environmental Benefits

  • Parks and recreation, in their entirety, represent not just patches of green but a comprehensive ecosystem promoting health, wellness and environmental responsibility.
  • Whether it's a jog in the park, a workout session at one of our state-of-the-art fitness centers, or participation in our diverse weekly fitness programs, we provide numerous avenues for the community to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The CDC points out that the mere availability of such facilities can result in a 25% increase in residents engaging in regular physical activity.
  • Our parks play a critical role in ensuring our environment remains pristine. They help to improve air and water quality, preserve groundwater, mitigate floods, and offer vegetative buffers against urbanization. Moreover, they are sanctuaries for wildlife and biodiversity.

Did you know? Schaumburg Park District had over 3.3 million visits to parks and facilities last year including over 583,000 visits to fitness centers and 230,000 visits to Spring Valley.

Social Benefits

  • Parks and recreation contribute to the heartbeat of our community, going beyond green spaces and recreational activities to truly cement the social bonds that make Schaumburg special.
  • From bustling recreation centers to serene parks, we cater to everyone. From weekly programs, to friends catching up at the senior center, or an individual seeking solace in a park, there's a spot for every resident, regardless of age, economic status or abilities.
  • Active and engaged communities lead to safer neighborhoods. Beyond the greenery, the recreational activities and programs we offer can significantly reduce crime, vandalism and juvenile delinquency. A vibrant park or a bustling recreation center often translates to a close-knit and watchful community.

Did you know? Schaumburg Park District serves over 1,300 children in the KASPER Before and After School Care program. Additionally, the Park District had over 43,000 program registrations.