Earth Week Programs

Earth Week Programs

April 11, 2023

Help prepare for the lead-up to Earth Day (April 22) and our Earth Day Party on Sunday, April 23 with a full week of earth-focused programs that will help you increase your knowledge of nature and learn ways you can be an Earth steward!

NEW DIY Green Cleaning Life Hacks Ages: 5y+ with adult

Who says cleaning can’t be fun - and greener? In this class we will create our own laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaner using simple, safe ingredients and essential oils. Only children need to be registered.

Barcode: 46641 | Day: M | Dates: 4/17  | Time: 4p-5p | Location: HF | Fee: $6/$8

Meet the Turtles Ages: 3y+

Acquaint yourself with Spring Valley’s resident reptiles. Meet our turtles, both aquatic and terrestrial, as well as our adult bullfrog and tadpoles. Meet inside the Nature Center. Register each family member.

Barcode: 46644 | Day: Tu | Dates: 4/18  | Time: 4p-4:20p | Location: NC | Fee: $3/$4

Barcode: 46646 | Day: Tu | Dates: 4/18  | Time: 4:20p-4:40p | Location: NC | Fee: $3/$4

Barcode: 46647 | Day: Tu | Dates: 4/18  | Time: 4:40p-5p | Location: NC | Fee: $3/$4

NEW We Dig Dirt Ages: 5-9y

Are you a kid who loves to play in the dirt? Come learn about what goes on in the soil beneath our feet. We’ll look at how soil is formed and we’ll explore worms and other decomposers that help keep our soil healthy. We’ll also learn about ways we can all help to nurture the soil in our gardens and near our homes. Be prepared to get messy!

Barcode: 46651 | Day: W | Dates: 4/19  | Time: 4p-5p | Location: NC | Fee: $4/$5

Buckthorn Busters Ages: 10-14y

Celebrate the arrival of Earth Day by lending a hand to help maintain the health of Spring Valley by removing invasive buckthorn from our property. All equipment is provided and participants will go home with a new buckhorn walking stick to use on future hikes. Meet in front of the Nature Center by the flag pole.

Barcode: 46653 | Day: Th | Dates: 4/20  | Time: 4p-6p | Location: NC | Fee: Free

NEW Repurposed Art Ages: 5y+

Come reuse and repurpose household materials into creatures of all sorts! Bring your own items and/or choose from our stash of things. Meets in the Nature Center classroom.

Barcode: 46656 | Day: F | Dates: 4/21  | Time: 4p-5p | Location: NC | Fee: $4/$5

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