Siren Testing June 30-July 2

Siren Testing June 30-July 2

June 25, 2024

A new outdoor weather warning system will be installed from Sunday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 2. Perry Weather will conduct brief siren tests to ensure the detectors are functional as part of the installation process. Sirens will sound for up to 10 seconds at each installation location. For questions, please call 847-985-2115 or email

About Perry Weather:

Perry Weather is the modern weather safety and operations platform for athletics, golf, parks and recreation, energy, airports and other industries impacted by disruptive weather. From lightning safety to heat stress and air quality monitoring, Perry Weather’s software, outdoor warning systems, and weather stations keep thousands of organizations safe from disruptive weather. Real-time monitoring across parks facilities, and audible/visual safety alerts for park visitors.

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