Personal  Training

Let us help you on your  health and fitness journey!

Private and semi-private sessions led by certified trainers are available at the Community Recreation Center, Meineke Recreation Center and Schaumburg Tennis Plus. Convenient times are available.

*Passholder: SPD Fitness Center/Pool Passholder

1 one-hour session
$60/passholder or $70/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions
$280/passholder or $340/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions
$530/passholder or $645/non-passholder
1 one-hour session (You & a Friend)
$86/passholder or $96/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions (You & a Friend)
$355/passholder or $470/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions (You & a Friend)
$690/passholder or $920/non-passholder
Semiprivate sessions are for you and one friend. Sessions are one hour.
1 session
$42/passholder or $52/non-passholder
5 sessions
$190/passholder or $250/non-passholder
10 sessions
$360/passholder or $475/non-passholder
1 one-hour session
$40/passholder or $50/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions
$165/passholder or $215/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions
$265/passholder or $375/non-passholder
Minimum per group is 3/max is 5. Prices are per person.

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Personal Trainers

Christian Carpenter

I've been a personal trainer for 8 years. I compete in Professional Bodybuilding and love helping people reach their fitness goals. I specialize in resistance training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, weight loss, competition prep and group exercise classes. My goal as a trainer is to improve a client's general fitness knowledge and help achieve the result you want.

Gina Phillips

I likes to focus on the whole person when working with someone. How will fitness and a healthy lifestyle realistically fit into your everyday world? Fitness is for everyone and everyone should strive to be as fit as they can get! I don't go for quick weight loss plans or a high impact intensity workout. What can you do every day without injury or excessive exhaustion to get into and stay in shape? That's where I try to take my clients! Certifications: AFAA group fitness instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach.

Sandy Primm

I like helping people strive to attain their goal, whether it is to lose weight, tone up or get stronger from injuries, surgeries or whether it is a physical or mental obstacle. I train clients with the idea of giving them the tools to be able to work towards having a healthy and functional life. In addition to being a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have completed the following continuing education courses: Practical Strength Training, Lower and Upper Body Instruction, Core Assessment, Functional Fitness for Older Adults and Resistance Training. Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer AFPA and Certified Group Fitness Instructor NETA.