Personal  Training

Let us help you on your road to health and wellness!

Private & semi-private sessions led by certified trainers are available at the Community Recreation Center, the Meineke Recreation Center and Schaumburg Tennis Plus. Convenient times are available.

1 Session
$60/$70 passholder/non-passholder
5 Sessions
$280/$340 passholder/non-passholder
10 Sessions
$530/$645 passholder/non-passholder
1 Session
$86/$96 passholder/non-passholder
5 Sessions
$355/$470 passholder/non-passholder
10 Sessions
$690/$920 passholder/non-passholder
Semiprivate sessions are for you and one friend. Sessions are one hour.
1 Session
$42/$52 passholder/non-passholder
5 Sessions
$190/$250 passholder/non-passholder
10 Sessions
$360/$475 passholder/non-passholder
1 Session
$40/$50 passholder/non-passholder
5 Sessions
$165/$215 passholder/non-passholder
10 Sessions
$265/$375 passholder/non-passholder
Minimum per group is 3/max is 5. Prices are per person.

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Personal Trainers

Melissa Bell

Biography: I was born and raised in Schaumburg. I got into fitness in college when I started running 5Ks and I haven't looked back since. I have been personal training ever since I graduated college.

Background/Experience: I have been personal training for 12 years. I've worked with a wide variety of clients. I have completed studies with Parkinson's patients and worked with stroke clients to help them improve their daily lives. I'm currently working with 12-13 year old clients to help them understand the correct way to train.

Certifications: I have my Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I also have a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise and the National Personal Training Institute. I am also a senior fitness specialist, Bosu master trainer and bootcamp trainer..

Focus: My main focus is weight loss and functional training.

Philosophy: There are no limitations. With drive and commitment you can accomplish anything and everything.

Gina Phillips

Biography: My family and I reside in Schaumburg. I have two gorgeous and talented daughters, a beloved dog and a supportive husband! My family certainly comes first in my life, but I am very passionate about my fitness career!

Background/Experience: Aerobics instructor while in college and early years at Nautilus Fitness Center in Elk Grove and group fitness instructor at Schaumburg Park District since July 2002.

Certifications: AFAA group fitness instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach.

Focus: I likes to focus on the whole person when working with someone. How will fitness and a healthy lifestyl realistically fit into your everyday world? Fitness is for everyone and everyone should strive to be as fit as they can get! I don't go for quick weight loss plans or a high impact intensity workout. What can you do every day without injury or excessive exhaustion to get into and stay in shape? That's where I try to take my clients!

Philosophy: Fitness is for everyone. It is not just for athlete or when we want to lose weight or get back into shape. Fitness is for every single person, every day, for the rest of our lives!

Jen Stempien-Smith

Biography: I am a trainer with a big personality. I have been married for many years and have an incredible daughter who is extremely into sports. I shadowed a trainer at STP for many years before I decided to go for my own certification. Because of that, I feel I can always identify with the client. I remember what it was like to be on the otherside!

Background/Experience: Beyond the basics, I have completed courses in dealing with clients that have arthritis, prenatal and postpartum and fibromyalgia.

Certifications: National Exercise Trainers Association and Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate.

Focus: Making the client feel comfortable and finding the workout they will enjoy. If you like what you are doing you will keep doing it!

Philosophy: Age, size and shape do NOT determine ones fitness capabilities!

Colette Madsen

Biography: I grew up in Illinois and married a man from Wyoming! The state has a population of 500,000, so I got a rare find. I am a mom of three, beautiful and intelligent children. I am happy to have found the balance between taking care of them and my passions, group fitness and personal training.

Background/Experience: I was a participant in the Fitness Unlimited group classes after doing "my own thing" and it was suggested I become an instructor. Five years later, I am bringing this knowledge, passion and experience to individuals.

Certifications: AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, IFTA Kick Box, Les Mills Body Pump and RPM, and Bosu Stability and Mobility

Focus: I would like to help my clients feel empowered by working toward their goals.

Philosophy: My philosophy is to practice safe and effective training so that the body we were given works smarter, not harder.

Sandy Primm

Biography: I am originally from North Carolina and I absolutely love the beaches down there! When I am not personally training or teaching group fitness classes, I work full-time in Accounting. In my free time, I love to run and I am a big fan of the Chicago Fire Soccer Team.

Background/Experience: I have been teaching group fitness classes and working with personal training clients at the Schaumburg Park District for over nine years. In addition to being a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have completed the following continuing education courses: Practical Strength Training, Lower and Upper Body Instruction, Core Assessment, Functional Fitness for Older Adults and Resistance Training.

Certifications:Certified Personal Trainer AFPA and Certified Group Fitness Instructor NETA.

Focus: I work with special needs adults and/or teens/ children and this is where I am working to shift my focus in my personal training career. I like helping people strive to attain their goal, whether it is to lose weight, tone up or get stronger from injuries, surgeries or whether it is a physical or mental obstacle. I train clients with the idea of giving them the tools to be able to work towards having a healthy and functional life.

Greg Goodrich

Biography: I have been sharing my knowledge and experience of sport enhancement and personal training in the Schaumburg and St. Charles areas since 2004. My ministry of wellness and personal achievement has benefited hundreds of individuals in all walks of life.

Background/Experience: As a personal trainer with more than 10 years of professional experience, I have worked within one of the top rated physical therapy clinics in the Midwest. I have specific expertise training individuals with complex physical challenges, such as multiple joint replacements and surgical reconstructions as well as spinal fusions and baskets. As a highly qualified trainer for middle and high-school athletes, I have specialized in building the strength, power, speed and agility of baseball pitchers, soccer goal keepers, volleyball players and golfers.

Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. Skills and education updated continually:

  • 15-17 functional training classes annually presented by internationally-recognized trainers and coaches
  • Medical continuing education with top-rated physician specialists

Focus: My focus includes adult fitness training and wellness education, complex physical challenges, middle- and high-school athletes, and amateur and professional athletes.

Philosophy: It is my life mission to help others improve their physical well-being and recover from injury.

Rachel Wheatley

Biography: My name is Rachel Wheatley.  My family and I live in Elk Grove Village.  I have been a Schaumburg Park District Staff Member since March of 2009, when I first began teaching group fitness classes

Background/Experience: I teach group fitness classes at the Community Recreation Center, Meineke Recreation Center and most recently, Schaumburg Tennis Plus. Since 2009, I have always taught a variety of formats to meet all fitness level needs. I have always enjoyed being a motivator for fitness members by encouraging them to do their best and push themselves out of their comfort zones. I decided early in 2015 to pursue a certification in Personal Training to help people individually meet their fitness goals.

Certifications: I am a certified ACE Personal Trainer and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor.

Philosophy: Step out of the box and push yourself to limits you never thought you would reach! With the right mindset, nothing is out of reach within your fitness level.