Personal  Training

Let us help you on your  health and fitness journey!

Private and semi-private sessions led by certified trainers are available at the Community Recreation Center, Meineke Recreation Center and Schaumburg Tennis Plus. Convenient times are available.

*Passholder: SPD Fitness Center/Pool Passholder

1 one-hour session
$60/passholder or $70/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions
$280/passholder or $340/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions
$530/passholder or $645/non-passholder
1 one-hour session (You & a Friend)
$86/passholder or $96/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions (You & a Friend)
$355/passholder or $470/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions (You & a Friend)
$690/passholder or $920/non-passholder
Semiprivate sessions are for you and one friend. Sessions are one hour.
1 session
$42/passholder or $52/non-passholder
5 sessions
$190/passholder or $250/non-passholder
10 sessions
$360/passholder or $475/non-passholder
1 one-hour session
$40/passholder or $50/non-passholder
5 one-hour sessions
$165/passholder or $215/non-passholder
10 one-hour sessions
$265/passholder or $375/non-passholder
Minimum per group is 3/max is 5. Prices are per person.

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Personal Trainers

Gina Phillips

Biography: My family and I reside in Schaumburg. I have two gorgeous and talented daughters, a beloved dog and a supportive husband! My family certainly comes first in my life, but I am very passionate about my fitness career!

Background/Experience: Aerobics instructor while in college and early years at Nautilus Fitness Center in Elk Grove and group fitness instructor at Schaumburg Park District since July 2002.

Certifications: AFAA group fitness instructor, personal trainer and fitness coach.

Focus: I likes to focus on the whole person when working with someone. How will fitness and a healthy lifestyle realistically fit into your everyday world? Fitness is for everyone and everyone should strive to be as fit as they can get! I don't go for quick weight loss plans or a high impact intensity workout. What can you do every day without injury or excessive exhaustion to get into and stay in shape? That's where I try to take my clients!

Philosophy: Fitness is for everyone. It is not just for athlete or when we want to lose weight or get back into shape. Fitness is for every single person, every day, for the rest of our lives!

Sandy Primm

Biography: I am originally from North Carolina and I absolutely love the beaches down there! When I am not personally training or teaching group fitness classes, I work full-time in Accounting. In my free time, I love to run and I am a big fan of the Chicago Fire Soccer Team.

Background/Experience: I have been teaching group fitness classes and working with personal training clients at the Schaumburg Park District for over nine years. In addition to being a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have completed the following continuing education courses: Practical Strength Training, Lower and Upper Body Instruction, Core Assessment, Functional Fitness for Older Adults and Resistance Training.

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer AFPA and Certified Group Fitness Instructor NETA.

Focus: I work with special needs adults and/or teens/children and this is where I am working to shift my focus in my personal training career. I like helping people strive to attain their goal, whether it is to lose weight, tone up or get stronger from injuries, surgeries or whether it is a physical or mental obstacle. I train clients with the idea of giving them the tools to be able to work towards having a healthy and functional life.

Sheila Takeda

Background/Experience: I have trained individuals at all levels, from athletes to individuals with all health and fitness concerns.

Certifications: I am an ACE certified trainer and nutrition specialist.

Focus: I believe fitness and nutrition should go hand in hand. I have a no-nonsense approach to training so YOU can achieve the results you are looking for!