Swim Lessons

Stay afloat with our affordable swim lessons!

Swim lessons are available year-round at The Water Works and during the summer at our outdoor pool facilities. Private and group lessons are available.

Program Options

  • Parent/Infant Swim
  • Parent/Preschool Swim
  • Teen & Adult Swim Lessons
  • Adult Individual Swim Lessons
  • Advanced Swimming Skills
  • Tiny Tot Swim
  • Advanced Tiny Tot Swim
  • Learn-to-Swim
  • Schedule Your Own (SYO) Swim Lessons
  • Youth Individual Swim Lessons

Starfish Swim School Levels

Each level has a specific set of objectives that will be taught throughout the 10 class session. Your child will be placed in a level that is the closest match to their skill set. All levels will be taught in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere. There are 6 levels in the program.


Submersion of the head, front/back floats, front/back glides, Freestyle kicks and Introduction to freestyle arms.

Level 2 - SEAHORSE

Continuing freestyle kicks and arms, Introduction to backstroke, Treading water and sitting dives.

Level 3 - SEA TURTLE

Continuing backstroke, Coordinating breathing with freestyle, Introduction to elementary backstroke, Endurance treading, and kneeling dives. 25 yard freestyle swim


Continuing  elementary backstroke, 50 yard freestyle/backstroke swim, Introduction to breaststroke, open turns, and feet first surface dives.

Level 5 - DOLPHIN

Continuing Breaststroke, 100 yard freestyle/backstroke swim, Introduction to butterfly. Flip turns, and standing dives.


Endurance swimming and technique refinement.