Bravo Music Academy

Music Lessons

Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will customize lessons to the student’s skill and experience level whether they are a beginner or an advanced musician.  Instructors will provide a pleasant atmosphere for learning, and encourage a feeling of success at each student’s individual rate of learning in group and private lessons.

Private lessons are scheduled once a week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction either on-site in our private music studios or online through zoom classes for students aged 8 through adult for woodwinds (clarinet, flute & saxophone), strings (violin, viola, bass & guitar), drums and voice. Group Lessons are available for piano or guitar for ages 3-adult. Instructors will communicate student’s progress throughout their session.

For private lessons, fees must be paid to reserve space with instructor. Once fee is paid an instructor will contact the student to set-up lessons. The day and time selected for the lessons will be held by the instructor even if the student misses. Please note that no credits or refunds are given for missed lessons by the student and fees remain consistent regardless of the number of lessons attended.

Students must have their own instrument for lessons except for on-site pianos lessons. However, piano students should have a piano or keyboard at home for practice.


Music books are available to purchase online.  

Students are invited to bring in their scale or rhythm assignments from school or any ensemble pieces to private lessons.

  • Woodwind –Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone: Beginning woodwind students will be taught how to put their instrument together correctly and how to maintain it after each use. Instruction will include proper mouth (embouchure) and finger placement; individual note and rhythm reading. Intermediate and advanced students will work on tone, style, technique and advanced rhythms. Private lessons only.
  • String Instruments – Violin, Viola, Bass: Lessons emphasize traditional methods, note reading, theory, sight reading and string technique while exposing students to a variety of different styles of music. Private lessons only.
  • Guitar: Learn to play the guitar in the style that interests you, including classical, rock, jazz, country and folk. Basics included: tuning your instrument, chording, strumming and reading chords. Lessons offered as private and group.
  • Percussion - Drums: Lessons will concentrate on rudiments, simple and complex rhythms, stick handling, set playing, music reading and drum solos using the Essential Elements of Percussion Book. Lessons will be given on an electronic drum kit. Private lessons only.
  • Voice: Instruction will focus on breath control, pitch, articulation, posture and stage presence. Numerous genres will be covered. Students are required to purchase music after evaluation in the first class. Private lessons only.

Group Piano: Lessons taught in eight station Yamaha-Clavinova piano lab. Students are welcome to bring their own headphones to class. Additional fee for music books will be required for class.

  • Wee Play Piano: Hands-on preschool piano program. Students will have fun learning concepts of colors, numbers, counting and musical letters as well as keyboard playing. 
  • Kids on Keys – Classes will work on short songs, finger exercises and colorful written work using the Bastien Young Beginner Series.
  • On Key – Group piano lessons for all ages and skill levels. Students will have one-on-one instruction and individual practice time at their skill level.

Age Requirements

Student must meet the class age requirement by the first day of class.

Class Fees and Dates

  • Group Classes: 45 min | $99R/$119NR | Sept. 14-Nov. 21, 2020
  • Private Lessons: 30 min | $279R/$289NR  | Sept. 14-Dec. 12, 2020 (No classes 11/23-11/28)
  • Private Lessons: 45 min | $339R/$349NR | Sept. 14-Dec. 12, 2020 (No classes 11/23-11/28)
  • Private Lessons: 60 min | $399R/$409NR | Sept. 14-Dec. 12, 2020 (No classes 11/23-11/28)


Grace Ciccolella, Bob Lieberman,Kevin Mikol, Rich Rahn, Jenny Rusnak, Danny Vook, Aaron Wiewel


Practice time is so important because when a student practices they develop muscle memory. If the only time a student touches their instrument is during a lesson their muscles will have trouble remembering what they learned previously and the student won't make much progress. Consistent lessons, practice and performance opportunities contribute to musical growth.

Safety Guidelines

  • Please note that classes are being offered in two ways—in person or virtually. Please to be sure to enroll in the class that suits your musician the best.
  • Students will need to wear masks in public areas and when social distancing is not possible in     classroom.
  • Students 3-7 years old may be dropped off and picked up at class room by one adult. Designated waiting areas will be provided. Class will enter and exit CRC with instructor.
  • Instructors or class attendants will take students aged 8+ to and from cars for lessons. No family members will enter the building.