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Moana Jr.


Tickets will be for pod seating with 4 seats per pod. Purchase pods with registration codes below - cost is $30 per pod.

There will be a zoom link per show provided to those purchasing pods by Wednesday, June 9. Please only send to one person because there are only 100 zoom spots per performance.

Seat assignments will be distributed the day of performance. No actual tickets will be given.

Masks not required for COVID-19 vaccinated patrons. Children 11 and younger and unvaccinated patrons should continue to wear a mask. Please note that we do not require proof of vaccination but ask for patrons responsible cooperation with this revised policy.

Pod Seating Barcodes

Moana Jr. Pod Tickets Thursday 6/10 7pm             38201

Moana Jr. Pod Tickets Friday 6/10 7pm                   38203

Moana Jr. Pod Tickets Saturday 6/10 2pm              38202

Casting Information:

Rules and Expectations of Actors

In order for a safe and fun theatrical experience, staff asks actors to follow these guidelines:

  1. Respect yourself and each other. Actors are all on the same team working together to create the best show  possible. Let’s have fun with it!
  2. Registration and payment are due no later than the end of the All Cast & Parent Meeting. Payment is non-refundable.
  3. Cell phone use is not permitted during rehearsals or performances. Phones are to be on either silent or vibrate.
  4. There may be slow points during some rehearsals. Feel free to bring something to do quietly such as homework or a book to read.
  5. Attendance is very important! There are only a few weeks to take the play from page to the stage. You must have a written note prior to the missed rehearsal to be excused from any rehearsal. Missing technical rehearsals or performances is unacceptable.
  6. You will likely be asked to supply part or all of your costume, or pay a costume rental fee (this depends on your role in the play). A costume guide will be issued at a later date. Come to rehearsals dressed for movement.
  7. Only bottled water will be allowed at rehearsals and performances. Do not bring money for the vending machines. Gum is not allowed.
  8. If you do not drive yourself and your ride is not present to pick you up immediately following rehearsals, return to the rehearsal space and wait with the production team.
  9. Leave valuable items at home.
  10. Actors are not to leave the rehearsal space without permission.

For more information, contact the cultural arts supervisor at 847-490-7015.