Room, Firepit and Shelter Rentals

Room Rentals

Spring Valley's log cabin is available to rent for small groups of less than 30 people. Use of the site includes parking for up to 10 cars, a rustic nature setting, a fireplace. a small kitchen, a single restroom, seating for up to 30 people and trash/recycling receptacles.

Firepit and Shelter Rentals

Spring Valley offers three different picnic shelters, each with its own unique character. The Merkle Cabin picnic shelter is located within a wooded setting in the heart of Spring Valley and includes use of an outdoor firepit. Use of the site includes firewood, trash/recycling receptacles, benches and picnic tables, and a portable toilet. Parking is limited to 10 cars.

Heritage Farm has a picnic shelter within the farm’s historic buildings and grounds. This shelter includes picnic tables and trash/recycling receptacles. Parking is available at nearby St. Matthew Parish.

Near the Nature Center, a large pavilion is tucked into the woods just east of the parking lot. This shelter can accommodate larger groups and has adjacent restrooms, and proximity to the Nature Center and Bison’s Bluff Nature Playground.

All shelter rentals must abide by the following guidelines including: No alcohol or amplified music, no grilling or cooking of food, no dogs/pets, no smoking. Additional restrictions may apply. View site guidelines here.


Spring Valley's Rental Application outlines rental rates, policies and payment details. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the rental date. People wishing to serve alcoholic beverages must submit a written request to the Park District, obtain a liquor permit from the village, and provide host liquor liability insurance.

All rentals must take place during regular business hours. Rental spaces are only available when not being used for programs.

Spring Valley Rental Application (PDF)

Call 847-985-2100 for information.