Snowshoe Rentals

Snowshoe Rentals

Spring Valley offers snowshoe rentals beginning December 1.

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Experience the beauty of the winter landscape in a new way!

The following rental policies apply:

  • There must be at least four inches of snow on the ground before rentals will be made available.
  • First-time renters will be asked to view a short videotape on the proper way to use snowshoes prior to taking them out.
  • A rental application and liability waiver must be filled out at the Nature Center Visitor Center.
  • A driver’s license or some other form of ID is required as deposit.
  • Rental rate is $5 for a maximum of three hours for use at Spring Valley.
  • Rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis from 9AM until 3PM. All rentals must be returned by 4:30PM.
  • Special youth group rates are available after 3PM on weekdays. Call to inquire. No youth groups on weekends.
  • To take snowshoes off-site, a deposit of $50 is required. The cost is $10 per day.


For more information, call Spring Valley at 847-985-2100.